Mom is nothing . . . without her child. A birth gives Mom the chance to grow with her child. She becomes the nurse, teacher, mechanic, cook, seamstress, janitor, taxi driver and guidance counselor. Mom learns so her child can follow.

Mom is a weed. No matter how durable the cement, Mom sprouts eternal hope through the cracks in the sidewalk of experience. She is fresh, green and blooms in adversity.

Mom is a fool. She doesn’t let the truth shadow her thoughts and love for her child. No matter what the predicament, Mom finds the excuse, the reason for her child’s behavior, good or bad. She maintains faith when, according to others, all is lost. Mom never loses the knowledge that her child will be president or find the cure for cancer. She is like a dog, faithful and devoted to the end.

Mom is gorilla glue. Beyond holding the family together, she patches holes, scrapes and breaks, knowing that in the end all will be well. Gorilla glue doesn’t leak, neither does Mom. Her strength is enduring and her hope is never-failing. She mends a tattered confidence and builds a right and proper world for her child.

Mom hates mirrors. The reflection exposes the friction of time and Mom believes her beauty has been destroyed. It is only then that the child can give back all Mom has taught and given. It is that blasted unforgiving, all-consuming, precious time that will protect Mom through your kind thoughts, sincere effort and faith in her. It is you who will lift her just as she carried you through all those years. It is now your turn.

Eventually, time will take Mom away. She will continue to protect you. Her gift of spirit will sustain your thoughts and desires. She will be your guardian angel. Mom will always be there; watching, scolding, guiding, loving.

Mom is forever.

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