Book Review for Mystery: Longing for Home

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“Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

A long time ago, the wolf roamed free in Yellowstone and many other areas of North America. They were a vital part of earth’s ecosystem. With the influx of settlers and the clearing of the land for homesteads and communities, the wolf’s homeland was jeopardized. Where once he could roam free, now he was hunted and caged. Soon, Yellowstone was devoid of wolves and the ecosystem changed drastically. The elk, once hunted by the wolf, were now free to roam the open fields and devour the wildflowers that were prolific in the open spaces. Then the wolf was returned to Yellowstone and the ecosystem was restored. The elk now remain in the forests, avoiding the wolf predators, and the wildflowers grow prolifically again.

We take too much for granted and often destroy entire ecosystems before we realize the damage we’ve done. Author Elynn Price is well aware of the need to maintain balanced ecosystems. She hopes that by writing books for young people, like her recent book, Mystery: Longing For Home, she will encourage the next generation to take better care of their environment, their world. With beautiful, watercolor illustrations by Kay Annette, this story speaks from the heart. It is compassionate and beautifully told, through poetic verse, from the point of view of one lone wolf whose name was Mystery. The story is intended to educate young minds, to make them appreciate the world around them and to learn how to maintain its fragile ecosystems and not allow ignorance to destroy the beauty of the world around them.”

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