‘Get it in shape!’ . . . . the wish of everyone. If you have a healthy shape you worry about keeping it. If you have a little extra to haul around, it’s urgent to get rid of unwanted bulk. Either way, a gym membership seems to be the solution. For some, the cost might be trivial. Or, the cost could be out of reach for personal budgets, such as mine.

Not to worry. A solution is not just readily available, it can be healthy for you, the neighborhood and (let’s go all the way), the planet.

jrotc trash pick up


No. back it up. We’ll confine it to you, personally, and your neighborhood . . .

A low-cost work-out. Here’s how it works.

1). Get walking shoes and appropriate clothes.

2). Put 2 – 3 plastic grocery bags into your pockets.

3). Step outside and enjoy the view.

4). Walk as long or short a distance as you prefer.

5). When you come across a piece of litter, stop.

6). Determine if litter is safe to pick-up. Don’t mess with broken glass or used condoms.

7). Pick it up. Place it in the grocery bag.

8). Keep going.

You have now cheated the gym out of undeserved money. And more exciting, you contributed to a healthier environment for your neighborhood.

Tomorrow: Keep going. Save even more money.

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