A Compass

Earth Day, April 22nd offers direction to the folks who are already concerned with environmental issues. But what about the fools who know no better than to throw their trash out the car window? What on earth exists to guide careless, ignorant people?

Yesterday, as the dogs and I walked our litter patrol, we came upon a compass, broken of course, but a perfect symbol of the April- awareness dilemma. “What direction should I take?” “How can I help?” “Should I be concerned?” “will this problem ever go away?”….And so much more.


Litter is a huge problem; it always has been and will continue to be… if you don’t start to care.

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Aim for the trash can, not the street. And, if you could be so persuaded…become a plogger. Doesn’t it sound like fun. Take the compass challenge. Choose a direction. Take a walk, carry a bag (reused) and pick up trash laying along the edge of the street, path or sidewalk.

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Show some care and hit the trash can.

Click here to find out more about Fillup the Cup


That’s plogging.

It’s also called giving a damn.

Try it for just a few days and see if you don’t feel better–physically and community responsibility-wise.

If time flies, where does it go?