My newest book, Mystery: Longing for Homeis now available on Amazon Kindle. The understanding of a wolf’s life is illustrated by Kay Annette. Wonderful lesson for kids of all ages.

Ember & Elynn
Ember and Elynn Price meeting at the Texas Wolfdog Project

He walks through the meadow

sniffing the air

driven by instinct.

Movement and sound

alert the senses.

His thoughts of survival

push his spirit forward.

He is wilderness.


He knows not to fear his enemy

as his enemy fears him.

He knows not the boundary

between protected

and hunted.

He knows not the literature

calling him monstrous.


He has family

and hunger

and survival.

He has territory.

He has a niche.

He is caretaker

of his world.


His truth is wild

his spirit is nature.

He answers to the wind

and trusts instinct.


He is a wolf

who needs


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Asher & Elynn Price
Asher and Elynn reunite once again @Texas Wolfdog Project

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