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“Welcome home. So glad to be with you again. I really, really missed you. I’ll be your best friend forever.”page 9.png

The shower of affection is as genuine as the work-day is frustrating. But, there at the door to erase your woes is your dog. No judgement or criticism, just unquestionable loyalty. He patiently listens as you vomit your concerns. You pat his head, he licks your hand and the universe is aligned.



A dog, especially a shelter dog heals broken emotions. He knows the hole you’re in because he too has been there. He learned the way out and is willing to share.

page 13.png



FLETCHER is that dog. He was broken and rejected, but a simple act of kindness healed his injured soul. Adopting a shelter dog spans emotional health across divisive crevasses. How wonderful that a dog has such strength.

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