Road Trip

Forty-five years of marriage is not enough preparation for retirement. It’s a start, but there is so much more. Purpose, that every day push to get out of bed, vanishes. Money, even with the best retirement plan, is limited.

So. What to do and why bother?

Meal planning, laundry, yard work and walking the dog fill most days, but the need for accomplishment gnaws away.

It started with a stronger camera lens. Day trips in the countryside searching for photographic opportunities filled a small sense of satisfaction. Then, a successful picture or two created a want for more. The occasional multi-day trip crept into our routine.

Now we haul around two cameras, a really good Nikon and an even better Nikon, along with several lenses and a sturdy tripod. Maps are no longer an essential as long as Sam has his phone with a GPS. I am the chauffeur, Sherpa and spotter, he is the navigator . . . until I spot an interesting dirt road.

Fortunately, Texas has a variety of geographic regions. Beach to desert, swamp to mountain, it becomes a matter of direction at the edge of town. During home-time, between trips, we have a happy-bird habitat in our back yard.

Compiling photographs from road trips and our yard, Sam and I composed a fun book for all ages. Amazing snippets of nature, raw and real, along with some silly poetry guarantee a smile for the reader. All the photos are easy to find subjects in different regions of Texas.

Texas citizenship and forty-five years of marriage are not required to enjoy NATURE’S GIFTS. All you need is a moment so you can re-live a memory of natural wonder and colorful life.

NATURE’S GIFTS can be found on Amazon (click here for link)

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