Nature’s Gifts

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Nature is a fact that sits on our eyelids. It will not be ignored.

Gifts are fun and encourage our humanity.

Nature’s Gifts brings joy by combining vibrant photographs with quirky poetry.

I intended Nature’s Gifts to be a children’s book, but as I wrote child-like poetry, I found it to be entertaining for everyone. Watch out for aardvarks and marshmallows.

When Elynn and Sam retired to the Piney Woods of east Texas, they kept bumping into each other. Their career identities had vanished. Forty-five years of marriage is not adequate preparation for retirement. They agreed.

Sam already had a reasonable quality camera when Elynn decided to purchase a better lens. “Now, go play.”

The result is a treasure trove of photographs showcasing natural elements of Texas. All the pictures are easy-to-find subjects encouraging children to pay attention to the fascinating world that waits just outside the front door.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Gifts

  1. Robbie Yates

    The photos – simply lovely
    The concept – really neat
    I hope this book does really well
    You guys seem really sweet!

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