Seeing or Believing

There’s seeing and then there is believing. At our disposal sit many avenues for adventure. Various forms of digital information, pads, phones, notebooks ,even old fashion desk top computers wait for a human touch to enter the world. (Notice I didn’t bother to mention television or an organic lump of paper.)

To look at the screen is to see. To roam through nature is to believe. Drive or walk, curiosity is quenched when the elements are touchable…no screen necessary.

Nature tickles the senses; just avoid poison ivy and its cousins. The only true requirement for a natural adventure is taking time to pay attention.


My next children’s book is all about easy-to-see earthly treasures. Birds, bugs flowers, a sunset all matched with rhythmic descriptions carry the reader through local ecology.

Nature’s Gifts, coming this spring will motivate young and old to put away digital devices and step out doors.

Step outside

enjoy the view

what you see

is up to you

Photos by Sam Flarity

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