Earlier, this morning I tried to write a blog about censorship. After a half a page and a limited few ideas I found myself afraid to write.

What if I say (or write) something that will offend the reader. Even more simple, what if a reader disagrees and sends the message “you are wrong.”

Do we speak or write to please? Where have we put ourselves? I am in a dark place; a proverbial room where my freedom of expression bounces off the walls, only to land on a cold floor.

If silence is golden, let me be poor. I want the thought police to go away. If, what I say is disagreed with, I don’t want to be told “you’re wrong.” A conversation of understanding needs to ensue. A difference of opinion does not belong under right or wrong categories.

For now, I’m going to stay home, write, think and rewrite. Eventually, I hope to emerge with a book which will offend some, please others and be worthy enough to read.

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