Free Speech

Earlier, this morning I tried to write a blog about censorship. After a half a page and a limited few ideas I found myself afraid to write.

What if I say (or write) something that will offend the reader. Even more simple, what if a reader disagrees and sends the message “you are wrong.”

Do we speak or write to please? Where have we put ourselves? I am in a dark place; a proverbial room where my freedom of expression bounces off the walls, only to land on a cold floor.

If silence is golden, let me be poor. I want the thought police to go away. If, what I say is disagreed with, I don’t want to be told “you’re wrong.” A conversation of understanding needs to ensue. A difference of opinion does not belong under right or wrong categories.

For now, I’m going to stay home, write, think and rewrite. Eventually, I hope to emerge with a book which will offend some, please others and be worthy enough to read.

4 thoughts on “Free Speech

  1. Martha DeMeo

    What a great post! I am in the same predicament, I have a blog topic that will probably either offend or question others. I’m trying to find the right words to write so i don’t offend anyone.

  2. 2baccountable

    Have you noticed that books that have been classed as offensive by some become best sellers?
    Recently books aimed at offending one person only have also made it to the top of the list.
    Blog on!

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