“I’m going to redo a couple rooms. I just love Earth tones, soft beige and off white, maybe some gray…such soothing colors.” The pretentious lady announced her intentions to her lunch group.

“Why just browns?” asked her friend.

“Because the earth is brown.”

“Really?” The entire group of luncheon ladies were flabbergasted.


Look around. Color is everywhere. Hence, my next book, albeit a children’s book is about our colorful world.

Each page displays shades and angles of color and surprise. Each page is a lesson about paying attention and each page is a common subject which is easily found.

Children are robbed of imagination and forced to tow the line of traditional thought. We take away their natural desire to observe, compare and wonder why the natural world works in strange and complicated fashions which are assumed and ignored by those of us who are too lazy to pay attention.

Perhaps… if we could appreciate our natural world, by sight and sound, we might be a more gentle bunch of souls.

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