First Chapter

pictures by Sam Flarity

My Boogie Woogie, aristocratic, war crippled, discrimination tale of Marshall needs mind-catching beginning.

If I don’t catch the reader and reel him in on the first page, I’ll lose him, Right?

I would love to start with a warm sunny day where the heat softens tar filled cracks in the street. But, I suppose tar-repaired street cracks are not a catchy start.

I also thought a few unlucky dead animals as a result of urban sprawl could be a novel beginning. But, most folks do not care about the loss of insignificant life.

So…sunshine and death are out.

My third and fourth choices are a drug arrest or a lightening sparking a destructive fire bringing the mansion to a colorful end. The aristocratic family, at least the parents deserve a fiery end. The drug bust which will occur across the street is undeserved. Everyone in so quick to judge and even slower to understand with compassion.

Both third and fourth starts seem extreme. Perhaps I’ll start with a devastating Korean War battle or a graphic conversation about discrimination.

Oh, so many choices of bad, bad things. Why are we attracted to the dark side of human behavior? I prefer to celebrate sunshine.

Maybe I’ll start with the neighborhood planning a vegetable garden.

Birdsong Street coming later this year.

5 thoughts on “First Chapter

  1. Kemkem

    I also like to celebrate sunshine but admit that the horrible stuff is more popular 🙂

  2. chrisweigand

    Fascinating. On first thought I felt that I didn’t struggle with openings, but on further consideration I realized that I do struggle. I often have difficulty deciding where or when to start things.

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