Trash Twist

Jess and I walk the dogs most days-we tend to be fair weather walkers. When walking, we fill as many grocery bags we can carry with litter. Our 3 miles usually produces 8 to 10 brimming full bags of every kind of litter: pizza boxes, beer bottles, empty cigarette packs, and every kind of fast food wrappers.

Occasionally strange items are found: clothing, tools, construction material, car parts and so much more. Today was a bit different. For about a half mile stretch someone disposed Marti Gras candy hundreds upon hundreds of bite size wrapped candy. Suckers, especially Blow Pops, Tootise Rolls, peppermints, tootie-fruity things and some brands I did not recognize lined both sides of the street.

My intention for writing this particular piece is to Thank the idiotic fool who threw out all sorts of candy. All the hundreds of pieces we found along the street required us to bend over in order to pick it up.

Yes, at the end of 3 miles my backside was burning but I sure as heck didn’t need to worry about paying any gym fees.

How I would like to take a moment and address all the fools who throw out their trash along the roads and neighborhood streets.

Are you stupid and lazy that you don’t know enough to take your garbage home to throw in your trash can?

You are living proof that Forrest Gump’s mother was right, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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