Driving is often empty thought time. I pay attention to the road and all it’s extraneous conditions but the creative side of my brain wonders. I have no control over that wild side.

My first children’s book is about the ills of littering. So, when I’m asked to sign a sold copy I usually include instructions to ‘Always enjoy the view.’

I am currently constructing my next children’s book with pictures of color in nature. There is a beautiful photograph for the front cover- a true Texas theme. Unfortunately, my head is still empty for a synopsis for the back cover.

About twenty miles south of Henderson two words popped up as thoughts “step outside.” I don’t know where thoughts come from. Their appearance always catches me by surprise.

“Step Outside.”

“OK. So what.”

“Enjoy the view.” I chuckled Already had that one in my repertoire.

“What you see, is up to you.”

Cool! That’s it-the back cover.

  • “Step Outside
  • Enjoy the view.
  • What you see 
  • Is up to you.” 

‘Nature’s Gifts’ to be released this spring is complete.

Now my only problem is forecasted by the next road sign; Henderson 16.

I gotta remember my newly created little ditty for 16 miles? Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The first lit parking lot, a Kroger grocery store became a writing sanctuary.

I even managed to get home before midnight with the paper copy of the back cover in my pocket. I love it when a plan comes together.


9 thoughts on “Ah Ha Moment

  1. Cars should come equipped with voice activated recording equipment so you can preserve all the amazing ideas that come to mind when you are driving, and disappear before you have a chance to stop and write them all down!

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