New Beginning

That’s stupid. It’s redundant. A beginning is new.

January should be about a fresh beginning or time for a redo.

Last January I had just purchased a ninety-two year old, disaster of a house. I wanted to try my hand at house flipping.20170428_120216

I had to go to court in order to give my tenant the boot. (They won’t pay the rent.)

This year a house-flip is at the bottom of my “gotta give it a try” list. The January before that I had been a few years at volunteering with wolves and wolf-dogs. I had a blast with that venture until we made a move. I told the wolves ‘good-bye’ and left for the Piney Woods.

I miss the wolves.wolf-torque-wolf-moon-cloud-45242.jpeg

So…for the past three January’s I’ve gone from wolves to house-flipping to writing. I don’t see a theme here.FillupCover

What’s my agenda?

I’m not searching for adventure or personal satisfaction. There are simply ‘things’ I’d like to try.

For 2018 I hope to concentrate on writing. So far I want to do a tween novella, another children’s book and maybe a travel-misadventure piece. My sister and I have accumulated many miles on the road and even some off-road trails. I expect memorializing our spur-of-the-moment travels will be as much fun as growing the memories.

I’m not sure what my 2018 new beginning will be; haven’t wasted time to think about it.┬áIt’s best to not search for the next new. I’ll just let it happen and hope for fresh, not new.

6 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. phyllisastill

    My kinda peps! I love spontaneous adventures/adventurers. My whole life has been one.
    I look forward to the stories your year will bring.

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