Twenty Pounds

Or maybe ten: so long as there is a change. I need a new me.

Not really I need to keep doing what I do. What I do is not bad.

Like most folks, I am a good person. So…my ‘new and improved’ should stay in place. All I need to do is more of what I do.

I don’t need to change or fix anything. I can stay the same. I can continue to be as good as I am. I can enjoy what I do, how I do it and not worry about why. It’s all good.


Yeah! I can be me. Oh, but wait. If I stay me, good as I am, I will still be old me.

I want to be the same I just want to think different about me. I know I’m a good person.

The change is to accept the good person I am. I don’t need to change I just need to stop my self-defeating thoughts.

OK. I’ve said it, the talking part is done, all that’s left is the walking part.

That’s a good thing. I love to walk. I go for a walk every day.

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