A long, long time ago in a place far away, I used to jog.

I established my rhythm on a cement path cut through the trees. It’s usually a time when ideas flow and a ‘V-8’ moment occurs. This particular day offered up a different scenario.

Ahead was a white spot, definitely something not natural.

What the heck? I thought, my head still not in creative mode.

A Styrofoam cup was purposely jammed on a branch.

I maintained my pace, only to stop a few yards later.

What kind of nut-job would do such a stupid thing?

I retrieved the cup and continued my jog. Now my head had material to work with. By the time I got home I had my Styrofoam cup story all but on paper.

It only took me three years, 200 mile move and the making of a new friend to bring my unmotivated self to publish my first story.

Sometimes it takes the right person an a verbal kick in the fanny to realize a plan of action.

Fillup the Cup is available on Amazon. Click here

8 thoughts on “Cup on a Stick

  1. It’s a crazy thing to me when I think back to all of the crazy stories in my head I have not written yet. I used to write fiction a LOT more than I do now. It’s funny too how such a simple thing like a cup in a tree can inspire something to tell…and how it strikes the imagination the way it does. I remember writing a story after seeing a woman frantic outside a bookstore…the imagination was struck wondering what happened in that bookstore to make her act the way she was. Lots of fun. Glad you got to finally write your yarn.

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