As my daughter and I walk our dogs through the neighborhood we also pick up litter. Why we do it is unclear but we do. I enjoy driving down a clean street and know we are responsible. Whatever the motive, the experience has been interesting.

Ninety percent of the trash we pick up is fast food wrappers, including Styrofoam cups. After junk food discards, plastic water bottles and aluminum beer cans and bottles seem to be next on the popularity list. Rubber gloves and used condoms are also regular items.

Sadly, we need to do the same streets every two to three days. It seems the self-imposed chore is endless.

So…does this make my daughter and me foolish or does it make the littering offenders ignorant?


This is a simple example of human behavior. Some people will be irresponsible and others will keep trying to fix the environmental problem.

8 thoughts on “Neighborhood Walks

  1. I think it’s a great thing you are instilling into your child and hopefully some day she will pass that trait to her children. There are a lot of problems in the world that can only be cured by good parenting


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