Yes, we share the same name, whether it be Deb or Price. And, we also share the same high standards, sense of family, and good humor. But that’s not what makes us sisters. Names and similarities are merely the cement for a bond that is impenetrable.

Sisters are people who cover your backside, get in your face, expose the truth, and go way beyond expectations. Then sisters stand with you in your deliverance through all the crap that requires backsides to be covered.

Not everyone can be a sister; nor do some poor souls have one. I’m lucky—I have two, each with a different same name.

Sisters grow old together, travel through time together and best of all, laugh together. Combined, they face reality, then toss it aside to create a better place. Conquering difficulties is simply hors d’oeuvres before the main course, and sisters always eat big meals.

We never know when our sisterhood will be called to action, but it is certainly comforting to know that we are all tuned into the same frequency. It’s also refreshing to be able to count on each other without counting on a scoreboard.

A “thank you” isn’t necessary so I won’t say it. Expressing my love isn’t necessary because you already have it. Just knowing we’re sisters is enough.

6 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Lira Brannon

    I have 5 sisters spread throughout the country. Some blood, some step, some sisters of the heart. all willing to help in a rough spot for any of the others.

  2. Beth Howlett

    I have one sister. We don’t live in the same state anymore, but that doesn’t matter. The bond reaches across time and space.

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